[Dune-devel] duneproject organization on Docker Hub

Dominic Kempf dominic.r.kempf at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 15:56:10 CEST 2015

Dear Dune,

As part of our project on automated testing in Dune, we will evaluate the
possibility to run Dune inside Docker containers (see www.docker.com for
general information on docker). Other projects, such as the fenicsproject
have recently begun to use docker as a way of providing one-touch
installations of their stacks.

As docker is a trending project right now, I thought it would be a good
idea, to have the organization name duneproject at Docker Hub reserved for
the future (the hyphen was prohibited btw). You should be able to join that
organization with your personal Docker Hub account.
Additionally I have set up a mailing list docker at dune-project.org that may
be used for all docker-related stuff (such as the maintainer mail address
of docker containers) to keep it from the other mailing lists, if you
prefer that.

If you have any questions on this, just drop me a line.
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