[Dune-devel] Move of Mailinglist Server to Münster

Jö Fahlke jorrit at jorrit.de
Wed Jun 7 13:33:42 CEST 2017


On the last Dune meeting I volunteered to host the Dune mailinglists.
Preparations are now pretty much complete, and the move will happen on Monday
12th of June, if everything goes to according to plan.

There will be a short notification before and after the move.

Except for the change in hostname, there should not be any noticable changes.

Change of Hostname

There will be one big change:  The mail-addresses of the mailinglists will
change from <list>@dune-project.org to <list>@lists.dune-project.org.  This is
because Heidelberg wants to keep the @dune-project.org addresses for some
non-list stuff, and we would not be able to maintain forwards automatically.

After the move, the old addresses will no longer be active, and mail sent
there will bounce.

The web interface for the lists already is at http://lists.dune-project.org/,
so URLs should not change.  This includes, in particular, the archives.

Discontinued Lists

Some mailing lists are no longer relevant, or never had any traffic or
subscribers, or weren't accepting mails, and, on top of that, do not have
useful archives.  These will be discontinued.  The set of lists that will be
discontinued is:

  dune-commit dune-functions-commit dune-pdelab-commit exadune-commit dune-em
  docker dune-pdelab-devel

The set of lists that will be kept and moved to the new server is:

  dune dune-announce dune-bugs dune-devel dune-fem dune-functions dune-pdelab

The discontinued lists will stop functioning after the move, and their
archives, if any, will disappear.

Filtering of Mails for Spam and Malware

Just to make sure everyone is aware of this fact: The mail relays of the
University of Münster scan incoming and outgoing mail for spam and malware.
If they find anything, they will simply discard the mail without any notice.

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