[Dune-devel] Gitlab: Trouble using the API

Elias Pipping elias.pipping at fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 20 15:46:11 CEST 2017

> On 20. Jun 2017, at 14:45, Steffen Müthing <steffen.muething at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> wrote:
> Hi Elias,
> thanks for letting us know! There was a small error in the configuration of the nginx load balancer
> that caused it to do URL-decoding. It should work now.
> Steffen

Hi Steffen,

indeed it works as expected now — thanks!


PS: I'm putting this to use in docker now, see below for an example (maybe somebody else finds this useful)

## Get last commit to invalidate cache if necessary (the 2.5 release branches still see security updates)
ADD https://gitlab.dune-project.org/api/v4/projects/core%2Fdune-common/repository/branches/releases%2F2.5 \
RUN wget -O dune-common-2.5.tar.gz \
        https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/repository/archive.tar.gz?ref=releases%2F2.5 && \
    tar xf dune-common-2.5.tar.gz && \
    rm -f dune-common-2.5.tar.gz && \
    mv dune-common-releases-2.5-* dune-common && \
    ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --builddir=${BUILDDIR} --only=dune-common all

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