[Dune-devel] Regarding the Mailinglists dune-bugs and dune-announce

Jö Fahlke jorrit at jorrit.de
Wed Jun 21 17:16:19 CEST 2017

Am Wed, 21. Jun 2017, 15:31:02 +0200 schrieb Steffen Müthing:
> > - dune-announce used to be a feed of the news items that appear on our
> >  website.  There is currently nothing feeding that list, and I'd like that
> >  changed.
> > 
> >  The best place to do that is probably the CI/CD pipeline for dune-website,
> >  which is currently used only for checking the website[^1].  The tricky part
> >  here is to avoid sending the same announcement twice, which means we need to
> >  keep state -- but the CI system is at the moment running in docker
> >  containers, which makes it hard to keep state.  Suggestions welcome.
> > 
> > [^1]: Actual deployment of the website is handled by a deamon running in
> >      Heidelberg, which is only loosely connected to the gitlab CI/CD system.
> my suggestion: Drop it. Does anybody **really** need it?

And do you also have a suggestion on how to keep up to date on the news items
on the homepage?  I don't think polling the homepage manually in regular
intervals is a feasible option for anyone.


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