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[restricting to dune-devel, since we seem to have a technical discussion]

Am Wed, 21. Jun 2017, 18:09:29 +0200 schrieb Dominic Kempf:
> In the last years, people always wrote an email to the mailing list of
> similar or identical content when they published a news item. I do not
> think that is that much work. I oppose the proposed way of highjacking CI
> though - it introduces more moving parts and violates the CI principle of
> independence of the running environment (the runner needs privileged access
> to mail servers etc.) - for very small actual benefit.

This isn't true, strictly[^1], but it is mostly true.  So encouraging people
to send the mail themselves might actually work -- but it is probably best if
they get a reminder.

So how does this sound: whenever a news item is touched in master, the CI for
dune-website detects that and sends an mail to the committer, suggesting to
also send an announcement mail.  This means it is the responsibility of the
committer to filter out duplicates, e.g. when a job happens to run twice, or
when he fixes a typo in the news item he just pushed.

(I'm assuming here that I'm able to look at the history of dune-website from
the CI; I'll have to check whether that is technically feasible in a
meaningful way.  Of course, if that is not the case, I would not mind running
a small service outside of the CI for this.)


[^1]: I cannot find a mail for e.g. "Proceedings of the third DUNE User
      Meeting published"

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