[Dune-devel] Status of LocalFiniteElement::clone

Oliver Sander oliver.sander at tu-dresden.de
Wed Oct 25 10:56:21 CEST 2017

Dear Dune,

I have recently wondered about the status of the 'clone' method that
is provided by LocalFiniteElementVirtualInterface.  Some implementations
have it and others don't. LocalFiniteElementVirtualImp has it but does
not call the corresponding implementation method.  No unit test in
dune-localfunctions mentions 'clone'.

Therefore I submitted


which tests every LocalFiniteElement whether it has 'clone'.  Not surprisingly
this fails badly.  I am unsure how to proceed.  Do I have to implement 'clone'
for every LocalFiniteElement class?  Or am I testing too much, and those
few (Lagrange) FEs that actually implement 'clone' do so without reason?

Advice would be appreciated.


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