[dune-functions] Questions about interpolate.hh

Oliver Sander oliver.sander at tu-dresden.de
Tue Mar 1 12:10:45 CET 2016

Hi all,

in the file functionspacebases/interpolate.hh there are several methods that accept
a tree path argument.  The type of this argument is a template parameter, but why?
Presumably, only objects of type HybridTreePath make sense here.

The question is not purely academic: I would like to add a method

template <class B, class C, class F, class BV>
void interpolate(const B& basis, C&& coeff, const F& f, const BV& bitVector)
  auto root = Dune::TypeTree::hybridTreePath();
  interpolateTreeSubset(basis, root, coeff, f, makeDefaultNodeToRangeMap(basis, root), bitVector);

for interpolation with scalar bases and a bit field.  However, this currently cannot be done,
because the signature is ambiguous wrt

template <class B, class TreePath, class C, class F>
void interpolate(const B& basis, const TreePath& treePath, C&& coeff, const F& f)

Hardwiring the TreePath parameter to HybridTreePath in the latter would fix this.


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