[dune-functions] Access sub-preBasis of PowerBasis

Lasse Hinrichsen l.hinrichsen at fu-berlin.de
Tue May 21 11:02:28 CEST 2019

Dear dune-functions experts,

I was wondering how to access the underlying PreBasis of a power basis
(similarly, for a composite).

Say, I have some code like this:

auto basis = makeBasis(

and `my_fancy_prebasis` contains something I still need at runtime (say,
the order of ansatz functions which I may want to change during runtime).

Is there a way to access this (sub-)PreBasis? Clearly, the PowerPreBasis
holds it as a member, but it does not provide access to it. Of course,
one could easily provide access there, but I wonder, if

a) there is another way I didnt see,

or alternatively

b) the approach is wrong anyway and I (the user) am not supposed to
touch the PreBasis ever again (if so, what would be a more canonical way
to handle such a situation?).

Thank you in advance for all suggestions!

Lasse Hinrichsen

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