[dune-pdelab] Parallel DG code with UGGrid - nonoverlapping case

Shubhangi Gupta sgupta at geomar.de
Fri Feb 3 10:23:11 CET 2017

Dear PDELab users,

I am trying to run my DG code for two phase flow on parallel processes.

I use UGGrid because I plan to use GMSH for mesh generation.

I was wondering if anyone can help me with nonoverlapping case.

Some details of what I am doing:

    typedef Dune::UGGrid<dim> GridType;
    Dune::FieldVector<typename GridType::ctype,dim> ll(0);
    Dune::FieldVector<typename GridType::ctype,dim> ur(1);
    std::array<unsigned int,dim> elements;
    std::fill(elements.begin(), elements.end(), 10);
    auto grid =
    upperRight, elements);
    typedef GridType::LeafGridView GV;
    const GV& gv=grid->leafGridView();

    //    GFS
    typedef Dune::PDELab::P0ParallelGhostConstraints CON0;
    typedef Dune::PDELab::istl::VectorBackend<> VBE0;
    typedef Dune::PDELab::QkDGLocalFiniteElementMap<Coord,Real,1,dim> FEM0;
    FEM0 fem0;
    typedef Dune::PDELab::GridFunctionSpace<GV, FEM0, CON0, VBE0> GFS0;
    GFS0 gfs0(gv, fem0);
    typedef Dune::PDELab::istl::VectorBackend<
    Dune::PDELab::istl::Blocking::none, block_size> VBE;
    typedef Dune::PDELab::LexicographicOrderingTag OrderingTag;
    typedef Dune::PDELab::PowerGridFunctionSpace< GFS0,block_size,VBE,
    OrderingTag> GFS;

    // solution vector

    // Local operator

    // Grid operator

    // linear solver backend
    typedef Dune::PDELab::ISTLBackend_NOVLP_BCGS_SSORk<GO> LS;
    LS ls (go,5000,3,2);

    // Solver for non-linear problem
    typedef Dune::PDELab::Newton< GO, LS, U > SOLVER;
    SOLVER solver( go, u, ls );

    // Solve problem

The P0ParallelGhostConstraints is what I tried in a 'last-ditch' attempt 
to get rid of the seg-fault, but I am not sure if it is correct to use 
it here...

I will really appreciate any help on this.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Best wishes,


Dr. Shubhangi Gupta
FE Marine Geosystems
Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research, GEOMAR
Wischhofstraße 1-3, D-24148 Kiel

Room: 12-206
Phone: +49 431 600-1402
Email: sgupta(at)geomar.de

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