[dune-pdelab] Grid operator for subspace?

Gregor Corbin corbin at mathematik.uni-kl.de
Mon Feb 12 18:22:29 CET 2018

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if one could define a grid operator that only updates
part of a CompositeGridFunctionSpace? In more detail, I have a
CompositeGridFunctionSpace of two Power-Spaces U and W.  One local
operator reads both U and W, but only contributes to the residual of U
and leaves W unchanged. Is there some way to tell the OneStepMethod that
W is constant to improve performance?

Also, on a related note,  I had to write a local operator for the time
operator that basically applies the PowerL2 operator to U and W
separately. This only works so far for the functions space as above.
Since there will be more generalizations to my code at a later stage, I
wondered if there maybe is a L2 operator that works for general trees of
function spaces? If not, I suppose I could write one, but if it is not
necessary, I have no desire to enter that rabbit hole...



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