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Hallo alle,

wer hätte denn Lust da hin zu fahren und dune zu vertreten? Keine Ahnung 
wo der das gesehen hat. Immerhin ist die Konferenz in Orlando, Florida, 
12.-15. Februar 2005.

-- Peter

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Subject: SIAM CS&E Minisymposium invitation
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 10:19:36 -0600
From: Edwards, Harold C <hcedwar at sandia.gov>
To: Peter Bastion (Peter.Bastian at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de) 
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I noticed that you've started the DUNE project.  I hope that you, or one of
your team members, will participate to present this new project.

Thanks, Carter

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From: Edwards, Harold C
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To: Peter Bastion (Peter.Bastian at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de)
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Dr. Bastion,

I am organizing the following minisymposium for the SIAM Conference on
Computational Science and Engineering, www.siam.org/meetings/cse05.

[Title]  Distributed Data Management Infrastructures for Scalable
Computational Science & Engineering Applications

[Summary]  Development of scalable applications with complex distributed
dynamic data structures is a challenging undertaking.  Complexity is
typically due to non-trivial computational capabilities such as multilevel
solution strategies, dynamic load balancing, adaptive discretizations, or
multiphysics coupling.  Institutions have addressed this challenge by
developing a distributed data management infrastructure that satisfies the
needs of their domain of applications.  This separation of concerns approach
decouples data management from application physics and amortizes the
development effort among multiple applications.  The objective of this
minisymposium is to explore commonality of capabilities and abstractions
implemented in these infrastructures, and to advance this essential

The presentation of your teams' contributions to this discipline, and
subsequent dialogues, would be beneficial to advance this discipline of
distributed data structures for scientific & engineering applications.
Please consider participatin.  The minisymposium proposal is due August 2,
2004 and must include the above title, summary, and a preliminary list of
presenters and their presentation titles.

Please respond before Thursday July 29th with the presenter's name, contact
information, and a preliminary title for the presentation.

Thank you,
Carter Edwards

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