[Dune] Reference topologies

Peter Bastian Peter.Bastian at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Mar 1 18:01:10 CET 2005

Oliver Sander schrieb:
> Hi guys!
> I just checked in a bare-bones reference topologies mechanism.
> It lets you query the vertices of subfaces of elements, and it
> answers fast.
> As I mentioned before I am not very happy with the design of
> this utensil, and I consider my implementation a preliminary
> one.  We may want to trade a bit of speed for some more
> elegance.  We may also want to fuse the whole thing with the
> existing ReferenceTopology and ReferenceElement stuff.
> I strongly suggest we put the whole thing on the agenda for
> the next group discussion.
Hello Oliver,

I worked hard on a formal description of the grid in the last week. The 
reference elements are a fundamental part of it and I discovered some 
surprises. So I strongly suggest to wait until we have discussed the 
theoretical part.

-- Peter
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