[Dune] Refinement user documentation

Jö Fahlke jorrit at jorrit.de
Wed Mar 9 13:02:16 CET 2005


Please have a look at the documentation for Refinement and tell me
what's unclear and what's missing, as long as I still remember what I

I put the doxygen generated docu for Refinement on
<http://hal.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/~joe/dxwriter/modules.html>.  There
is currently documentation for users (how to use it) and documentation
for implementors (how to write a refinement implementation for a new
geometry type).  I'm still in the process of writing the "bug fixers"
documentation (i.e. how each particular refinement implementation

About Refinement:

For my project to write a DataExplorer file output for Dune I need the
ability to temporarily refine Elements of arbitrary Grids.  The
infrastructure to do this is pretty much finished and I wrote
refinement implementations for hypercubes and simplices.  Now I'm
documenting the stuff.


P.S: P.S. in Emails ist ziemlich überflüssing.

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