[Dune] Performace of ISTL

Patrick Leidenberger patrick.leidenberger at psi.ch
Fri Apr 20 16:41:41 CEST 2007

Hi Markus

>> That's right, I am sorry. I make a better comparison with the same mesh 
>> like yesterday:
>> Trilinos with Jacobi and CG:  2 sec, 40 iteratrions residual: 1.05e-8
>> Dune     with Jacobi and CG: 30 sec, 40 iteratrions residual: 1.05e-8
>> And I don't forget a '0' for trilinos!
> Did you compile Dune with optimization CXXFLAGS="-O3 -DNDEBUG" and
> without setting DUNE_ISTL_WITH_CHECKING?

The test above was done with -O2 and without setting 

Now I recompile exactly like you want to have it, but the performance is 
exactly the same! No speedup.


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