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Oliver Sander sander at mi.fu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 1 09:57:17 CEST 2007

Hi Andreas!
As far as I know the tuple implementations in tr1 (gcc up to 4.2)
and std:: (4.3) have the same interface.


Andreas Dedner wrote:

>Hi all.
>I would like to know what the status
>concerning the tuples is at the moment
>and what it is supposed to be in the future.
>Dune-fem relies on common/tuples quite
>strongly in a few places and the last big
>change in tuples already cost me a lot of effort.
>At the moment there seems to be three different
>versions used simultaniously:
>the dune version
>the tr1 version
>and the std version
>Question: are tr1 and std equivalent in all respects?
>I just want to be sure that when I change our code
>to tr1 that I will not have to change it again when std
>becomes available on my machine.
>The problem with the tr1 version compared to the dune
>\version is that Pair is not available anymore.
>Also the common/utility.hh file will not compile
>at the moment (uses Pair).
>Should Pair just be replaced by std::pair?
>Wish you all a nice "Vorlesungsfreie Zeit"
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