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FS#310 - wrong grid selection for dim=1
User who did this: - Christian Engwer (christi)

If the desired behaviour is to add a select-the-grid-by-features
mechanism, then the normal grid names shouldn't be used at all. We
should really stick with the principal of least astonishment. In this
case it means only do what you promise to do. If someone asks for a
AluGrid give him an alugrid, fail otherwise. I think your idea of
asking for a conforming grid in 2d would be much more a justification
for gridtype.hh than just mergin two defines into a typedef, but the
interface must be different, and it should be designed in such a
fashion, that it can also be used without using the preprocessor, i.e.
it should be possible to ask first for a conforming grid in 3d and
later (in the same application) for a triangular grid in 2d.


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