[Dune] Creating new modules

Bernd Flemisch bernd at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Aug 21 14:43:34 CEST 2007

Dear Dune developers,

I successfully created a Dune module Mod1 with the duneproject script.
The module itself works fine. Now, I want to create a new module Mod2
depending on Mod1. Unfortunately, duneproject is not able to recognize
that Mod1 exists and configuring Mod2 terminates with "error: Unknown
module Mod1".

The reason is obviously that in dune-common the names of the available
modules are hardcoded,  in the files "configure", "dunecontrol",
"dune_all.m4", and "dune.m4". Changing configure and dunecontrol is
fine, but has no effect. As soon as one tries to adjust the m4-files,
one runs into a big mess of autoconf/automake... errors, since, e.g.,
LIBTOOL, BUILD_DOCS, and WML is not properly configured,
DUNE_MINIMAL_DEBUG_LEVEL is not set, and so on. I was not able to work
through this.

In fact, I only want to include Mod1-header files into Mod2 by #include
<dune/...>. Do you see a way to achieve this without having to heavily
manipulate dune-common?

Best wishes


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