[Dune] [Fwd: Re: installing DUNE on computers with MAC OS X]

Tatiana Voitovich tvoitovich at uct.cl
Mon Jun 16 21:30:55 CEST 2008

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Asunto: Re: [Dune] installing DUNE on computers with MAC OS X
De:     "Tatiana Voitovich" <tvoitovich at uct.cl>
Fecha:  Lun, 16 de Junio de 2008, 3:30 pm
Para:   Jö Fahlke <jorrit at jorrit.de>

> Am Mon, 16. Jun 2008, 10:38:43 -0400 schrieb Tatiana Voitovich:
>> > dune-common-1.1/ bin/dunecontrol all
>> the unix-executable is not found:
>> -bash: dunecontrol: command not found
> When you run the command "dune-common-1.1/ bin/dunecontrol all", what is
> current directory?  You can see your current directory with the command
> The directory should contain a subdirectory called "dune-common-1.1".
> Bye,
> Jö.
> --
> <ex-bart> seen die_MACHT
> <Volk> I don't know who die_MACHT is.

I run dunecontrol in it's own directory dune-common-1.1/ bin/dunecontrol all.

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