[Dune] [Fwd: Re: installing DUNE on computers with MAC OS X]

Tatiana Voitovich tvoitovich at uct.cl
Tue Jun 17 00:01:33 CEST 2008

> Am Mon, 16. Jun 2008, 15:30:55 -0400 schrieb Tatiana Voitovich:
>> I run dunecontrol in it's own directory dune-common-1.1/ bin/dunecontrol
>> all.
> I'm not quite sure whether I understand your answer correctly.  It sounds
> to
> me like you are in the directory "dune-common-1.1/bin" when you run
> "dune-common-1.1/ bin/dunecontrol all".  However, you should be two
> directories
> up.
> If that answer does not help, please run the commands "pwd" and "ls" in
> the
> same directory where you run "dune-common-1.1/ bin/dunecontrol all" and
> send us
> the complete output of those commands.  With that information we will be
> able
> to tell whether you are in the right directory or not.
> Just in case you are new to MacOS or the terminal window: Note that you
> can
> probably mark the text in the terminal window with the mouse (you may or
> may
> not have to hold down the shift key) and copy it via the Edit Menu.  This
> should save you a lot of typing.
> Bye,
> Jö.
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Many thanks, it is

--- done --


(Reminding that the Xcode 3.0 and afterwards fink had been installed on
the machine.)

With best regards,

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