[Dune] error calling configure for dune-disc-1.2svn

Tatiana Voitovich tvoitovich at uct.cl
Thu Jun 26 20:33:46 CEST 2008

Dear Dune,

could you please help me with the following:

during the execution of
./dune-common/ bin/dunecontrol all

for the svn-version the folloing error appears:


checking dsp_defs.h usability... no
checking dsp_defs.h presence... no
checking for dsp_defs.h... no
configure: WARNING: dsp_defs.h not found in /usr/local/SRC with 
checking SuperLU in /usr/local... failed
checking for SuperLUDist library... checking superlu_ddefs.h usability... no
checking superlu_ddefs.h presence... no
checking for superlu_ddefs.h... no
configure: WARNING: superlu_ddefs.h not found in /usr/local/SRC with 
checking SuperLUDist in /usr/local... failed
checking for METIS library... failed
./configure: line 26217: PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG: command not found
checking for dune-istl installation or source tree... failed
configure: could not search for module dune-istl
configure: error: pkg-config is required for using installed modules
--- Failed to build dune-disc ---
Execution of dunecontrol terminated due to errors!

At this moment dune-common and dune-grid are reported to be built
The pkg-config 0.23 is installed in /usr/local/ bin. The environment
variable PATH contains
/usr/local/ bin.

Thank you very much,

with best regards,

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