[Dune] [#453] Dune::BlockBitField is not a replacement for std::vector<Dune::BitField>

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Thu Nov 6 11:03:12 CET 2008


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FS#453 - Dune::BlockBitField is not a replacement for std::vector<Dune::BitField>
User who did this - Carsten Gräser (Carsten)

BlockBitField is not intendet to act as vector<BitField>. Its purpose is to do something like vector<BitSet>. operator[] returns a temp object of a FIXED size. Thus there is no need to behave like a BitField. The idea is that BlockBitField<1> behaves similar to BitField and not that BlockBitField<k> behaves similar to vector<BitField> since vector<BitField> is a dirty hack. E.g. the order of local and global indices is reversed and it uses memory very inefficiently.

Furthermore BlockBitField derives private from vector<bool> to hide the iterators. Oliver and I decided not to implement the container interface it is simply not possible (see BitField and vector<bool>) while beeing memory efficient. If you want the container interface at the price of memory consuption you can use vector<char> or vector<BitSet>.

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