[Dune] [#467] UGGrid test fails after calling a method of BasicGeometry

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Thu Nov 20 10:40:01 CET 2008


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FS#467 - UGGrid test fails after calling a method of BasicGeometry
User who did this - Oliver Sander (sander)

Hi Martin!
Thanks for the quick help.  What you describe may well be the problem.  I was actually expecting the new behavior, i.e., copying the coordinates.  It is stated clearly somewhere that coordinates may not be copied?

Unfortunately, after your patch my UGGrid doesn't compile anymore.  The method

    /** brief Constructor with a geometry type and a set of corners */
    void setup(const GeometryType& type, const std::vector<FieldVector<UGCtype,2> >& coordinates)
        // set up base class
        // Yes, a strange way, but the only way, as BasicGeometry doesn't have a setup method

(in uggridgeometry.hh:360) triggers the following bug

.../../dune/grid/genericgeometry/cornermapping.hh:454: error: passing ‘const Dune::FieldVector<double, 2>’ as ‘this’ argument of ‘Dune::FieldVector<K, SIZE>& Dune::FieldVector<K, SIZE>::operator=(const Dune::FieldVector<K, SIZE>&) [with K = double, int SIZE = 2]’ discards qualifiers

I guess I could trick my way around this with some suitable cast magic, but could you please have a look if there is a proper fix for this before?

Thanks again,

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