[Dune] Parallel CG Solver

Arne Rekdal arne at stud.ntnu.no
Mon Nov 24 12:51:07 CET 2008

I am using this constructor already.

The file is attached (it depends on dune-grid, dune-istl, and  
dune-disc). Now it uses the UniversalGlobalMapper, and prints the  
output as in the previous post. If I instead change it to use the  
grid.globalIdSet().id it produces MPI errors.



> Hi,
> looks like you are using the wrong constructor of yaspgrid and
> therefore using 4 different sequential grids.
> Try
> YaspGrid(MPI_COMM_WOLRD, length, size, periodic,overlap)
> instead of
> YaspGrid(length, size, periodic,overlap)
> Markus

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