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FS#677 - gridtype.hh documentation is wrong
User who did this - Andreas Dedner (dedner)

I would like to add something: the griddim, gridtype issue has come up a few times.
I agree with Joe that it would be nice to just add them to the ALL_PKG_CPPFLAGS.
I have a patch for this which also solves a few other issues:
1) do not use a default - there is none so it is better to get an error if gridtype.hh
   is included instead of getting unexpected results - the configure flags with-gridtype, with-griddim
   could still be used to set a default but if they are not used no default is set and gridtype.hh does
   not compile.
2) having the typedef in global namespace was never a good decision (I know it was mine...)
   So I would stick them in some special namespace and deprecate the old global type.

@Joe the patch had some conflicts with your improved documentation - but it is still all there...

If nobody objects I would add this patch next week

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