[Dune] [#674] strict-aliasing warnings with gcc-4.4

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FS#674 - strict-aliasing warnings with gcc-4.4
User who did this - Martin Nolte (nolte)

Let me clarify my problem with solution (c). For "normal" dune grids (i.e., dune grids that don't wrap other dune grids), the solution looks perfect. Once you have to wrap another dune-grid, you get the following problem:
* implement an entity pointer wrapping the host entity pointer
* implement the iterator by deriving from the (wrapped) entity pointer.
The entity pointer already stores the host entity pointer. Now, you have to store the host iterator inside your iterator wrapper. Hence, the iterator wrapper stores the host entity pointer twice: Once in the entity pointer base class and a second time in the host iterator inside the iterator wrapper.

You might get a better understanding of what I'm talking about by looking into the GeometryGrid's entity pointer / iterator.

In my opinion, any solution to this problem should also solve the problem of meta-grids (like GeometryGrid). The reason is that we claim DUNE to be a negligible layer around any grid implementation, unifying the API. Hence, if DUNE is not able to wrap a DUNE grid with negligible effort, my opinion would be that we fail in this (important) design goal.


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