[Dune] [#685] speed-up dune-grid tests

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Tue Dec 8 17:48:19 CET 2009


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#685 - speed-up dune-grid tests
User who did this - Andreas Dedner (dedner)

- In Alberta almost everything that can go to the lib are in the lib - and therefore
  it is the fastest in the tests - no need to improve I think. 
-  I though the statement in Berlin was that Yaspgrid/sgrid is going to stay with d<=3 so that
   putting yasp in a lib should not be a problem. 
- ALU is a bit more complicated since large parts of alu itself are templates. But at the moment 
  alu is basically tested 3 times and I will look into that.

I do not believe the runtimes given in your attachment - 0.03 for the alu test can not be the case,
there was probably some error.

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