[Dune] [#503] Consistent naming for grid view access

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Thu Dec 17 12:52:25 CET 2009


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#503 - Consistent naming for grid view access
User who did this - Martin Nolte (nolte)

If we rename them at all, I would suggest to rename the types, since they are less frequently used. We should, however, keep in mind that this causes some code changing. For this reason, I agree with Mario: Do the costs really outweigh the benefits?

By the way: I think there are more places to which this argument applies:
- method lbegin / lend instead of levelbegin while the iterator is called LevelIterator instead on LIterator
- method ibegin / iend instead of intersectionBegin while iterator is called IntersectionIterator instead of IIterator
- method hbegin / hend instead of hierarchicBegin while iterator is called HierarchicIterator instead of HIterator
- method comm instead of collectiveCommunication while the object is of type CollectiveCommunication instead of Comm


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