[Dune] [#672] GridFactory: "BoundarySegments" for Elements

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The following task has a new comment added:

FS#672 - GridFactory: "BoundarySegments" for Elements
User who did this - Christian Engwer (christi)

Comment by Andreas Dedner (dedner) - Friday, 18 December 2009, 10:33 GMT   —  Edit  —  Delete
672: for me at least the question is still open if these
coordinate transformation functions (or ''boundary segments'') should not be handled
like user data so that load balancing, checkpointing etc. can be more easily performed
- see discussion in 672 and the arguments against boundary ids.
I know we voted on this so if all other developers are satisfied with
the approach and see no further ground for discussion then lets add the method.
But adding a method to an interface without one single implementation for proof of concepts,
seems rather pointless to me and postponing to after 2.0 so that we can really see how
the method works (in parallel for example) does not seem to introduce any disadvantage,

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