[Dune] Vector Data to VTK format?

Andreas Dedner dedner at mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Feb 24 14:09:09 CET 2009

One further remark:
in the VTKFunction interface the method ncomp returns the number of
components. As far as I have understood it, this value is either
1: scalar
3: vector
I think all values in between are not valid?
So for 2d one still has to return 3 and the evaluate method with
comp=2 should return 0.

Christian Engwer wrote:
> Dear Arne,
>> I am wondering if there is a possibility to export Vector data to  
>> VTK-format in DUNE. I want to visualize the velocity field in  
>> Paraview. Currently I take the norm of the velocity vector and saves  
>> this to VTK-format, but I am not satisfied with this.
> It depends a little bit on how you store your data. The VTKWriter can
> write vertor valued data, but not necessarily all types of storage
> containers. The VTKWriter stores either a simple container, which is
> assumed to be scalar, or a VTKFunction, which can handle both scalar
> and vector valued data. In all higherlevel modules suitable
> VTKFunction exist to export the data, if you are using a different
> container you have to write your own VTKFunction. THe interface is
> very simple, have a look at 
> http://www.dune-project.org/doc/doxygen/dune-grid-html/classDune_1_1VTKWriter_1_1VTKFunction.html
> Hope that helps
>   Christian
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