[Dune] Status of 2.0 release

Christian Engwer christi at uni-hd.de
Thu Apr 8 16:30:57 CEST 2010

Dear all,

thank you for your hard work on the upcoming 2.0 release. Everything
took a bit longer than expected, which is mainly due to the large
number of last-minute-features we decided on in Berlin last
November. But the long freeze is a aproaching an end.

I have prepared beta tarballs... although I don't intend to do many
beta cycles.

You can download the beta tarballs from:

There are a few things I'm asking you for/about:

* Test these tarballs with your applications 
  - file bug reports if you encounter problems
  - smaller issues shall be fixed, bigger issues will be listed as
    known issue (see recent_changes.wml, section "known issues")

* There are currently 2 open issues that need to be sorted out:
  - FS#767 - Segfault in test-oned
  - FS#768 - testgenericfem failes

* Check the recent_changes.wml
  - are any new features missing in this list?
  - are any known issues missing in the list?
    ... the list should contain all severe bugs and those bugs that
        are already fixed in the trunk, but missing in the release.

* What is the status of the gmsh-reader/UG problem? Is there a fix
  that could be backported?


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