[Dune] error running code with MPI

Vogelbacher Florian Florian.Vogelbacher at psi.ch
Fri Sep 3 18:27:31 CEST 2010

Hi Christian,

I just made a distclean and recompiled with this flag to make sure it is 
everywhere "seen". The bug is however still there. Do I have to 
recompile all other packages (ALUGrid, metis, ...) with this kind of 
flag as well?

I wish you and the Dune-Team a wonderful weekend.

Christian Engwer wrote:
> Hi Florian,
>> no, I did not use this kind of flag :-)
>> I'm using an opts file to compile dune. Do I have to include it into
>> the CXXFLAGS or somewhere else as well?
> OK, this _might_ be the reason for your strange bugs. The problem is,
> that DUNE does break strict aliasing.
>> dune.opts.file:
>> CONFIGURE_FLAGS="CXX='mpicxx' CC='mpicc' LD='mpicxx'
>> LDFLAGS=' '
>>           --disable-documentation
>>           --enable-parallel
>>           --enable-debug-output
>>           --with-boost='$HOME/extlib-scratch3-felsim/boost-trunk'
>>           --with-metis='$HOME/extlib-scratch3-felsim/metis-4.0'
>>           --with-rlog='$HOME/extlib-scratch3-felsim/rlog-1.4'
>>           --with-alugrid='$HOME/extlib-scratch3-felsim/ALUGrid-1.22'"
> Yes, you have to add it to the CXXFLAGS listed in the CONFIGURE_FLAGS.
> Btw. DUNE tries to support MPI without the need to invoke the mpi
> compiler directly. It detects quite a range of MPI compilers and
> extract the CXXFLAGS and the LDFLAGS. In this case it would be
> sufficient to use CXX='g++-4.3' or what ever compiler you want to use
> and specify the mpi compiler as MPICC=/path-to-mpi/mpicc. If DUNE
> doesn't detect your MPI compiler correctly, it would be great if you
> could help us adding support for this mpi version.
> Hope it works now :-)
> Christian

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