[Dune] [#990] boundary segment indices in ALUSimplexGrid get mixed up

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Mon Dec 12 09:57:50 CET 2011


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User who did this - Lars Lubkoll (Lars) 

Attached to Project - Dune
Summary - boundary segment indices in ALUSimplexGrid get mixed up
Task Type - Bug Report
Category - Alu3D
Status - Unconfirmed
Assigned To - 
Operating System - Linux 64bit
Severity - Low
Priority - Normal
Reported Version - 2.0
Due in Version - Undecided
Due Date - Undecided
Details - I am working with Dune2.0 and compiling with gcc-4.3.2. I am solving
PDE-problems with mixed boundary conditions. In order to detect the
correct boundary condition I store an integer for each boundary segment in
a vector sorted according to the level-0 boundary segment index (i.e. the
order of insertion of boundary elements into the grid factory) I then use
'Intersection::boundarySegmentIndex()' to get the index and retrieve the
stored integer from the created vector. This worked fine using UGGrid
until I had to use 2 grids in one computation (the corresponding bug has
been reported to Oliver Sander, who took care of it). Therefore I did
try to use ALUSimplexGrid instead. 
It seems like the boundary segment
indices get mixed up in the latter (also when using one grid). You will
find attached 4 .png-files, that contain an example geometry, on which a
scalar function, linear on each tetrahedron, has been defined in order to
visualize the imposed boundary conditions. If everything works fine the
result should look as in "boundaryConditions.png" and "boundaryConditions2.png, 
which has been created using one UGGrid. I then
did exactly the same, only exchanging UGGrid with ALUSimplexGrid, and get
the result visualized in "boundaryConditions_ALU_.png" and "boundaryConditions_ALU_2.png which is wrong:(

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