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FS#1000 - Migrate build system from autotools to CMake
User who did this - Andreas Dedner (dedner)

I would like a bit more information on what the advantages of CMake actually would be. Why do you think it would be easier for new users? They have to get used to one system (either Cmake or Autotools) and probably they don't know either. But on the other hand a switch to CMake that old users (I for one) would have to get used to a knew system. 

I hardly know anything about CMake - I just came across it in some other packages I downloaded and I did not find it any easier to understand - in some cases quite the opposite. Figuring out for example how to provide paths to external library (e.g. --with-packag=...) seemed quite cumbersome to figure out - I least I thought so...

There is always this discussion about using CMake - speed seems to be one argument and it is not apparently obvious if it holds. Secondly I guess it would directly work on Windows? 
Other than that?

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