[Dune] Update of the official Homepage

Felix Albrecht felix.albrecht at uni-muenster.de
Mon Jun 6 11:13:07 CEST 2011

Dear Dune Developers,

on the 2010 Dune Developer Meeting, we decided to adapt the official
Homepage, in order to better highlight those Dune modules, that are
developed by the core developers' groups (see

Last week, Mario O., Andreas D., Martin N., Christian E. and I had a
discussion on how to achieve this. In principal it boils down to calling
some modules (like pdelab and fem) discretization modules, rather than
just external modules and adapt the homepage accordingly (see
for a first iteration of the adapted Dune design).

I did set up a wiki page and listed all the changes, that are, in our
opinion, necessary to be made:


Please go ahead and add your comments and/ or voice your opinions.

Though I am in principal willing to do some of the work, I have never
meddled with a homepage before. S, please add your name to an item you
are willing to work on^^

If all agree to go through with this, I think it would be nice to have
the homepage ready with the next release (which would give us a week or

Greetings from Münster!


 Felix Albrecht 

 Institut fuer Numerische und Angewandte 
 Mathematik, FB Mathematik und Informatik 
 Universitaet Muenster, Room 212 
 Orleans-Ring 10 
 D-48149 Muenster 

 Tel.: +49 251 83 35130 
 Fax:  +49 251 83 32729 
 Mail: felix.albrecht at uni-muenster.de 
 WWW:  www.uni-muenster.de/math/u/felix.albrecht/ 
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