[Dune] [#604] move reference element related stuff to separate module

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Mon Jun 13 13:27:54 CEST 2011


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#604 - move reference element related stuff to separate module
User who did this - Andreas Dedner (dedner)

Shouldn't the following work for the transition phase:
suggest dune-geometry in dune-common
in dune-common/geometrytype.hh
- test if dune-geometry was found
  YES: give a warning that common/geometrytype.hh is deprecated and include geometry/geometrytype.hh
- NO: give an error stating that dune-geometery is needed if geometrytype.hh is to be used
      (or give a warning and include some common/geometrytype_deprecated.hh file which 
      contains the GeomtryType class as it is in the 2.1 release)
In this way nothing changes for people using dune-common but not needing geometrytype (whoever that
is). The others get the right kind of information, i.e., at least install dune-geometry.

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