[Dune] [#604] move reference element related stuff to separate module (Attachment added)

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Sun Nov 6 21:15:14 CET 2011


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#604 - move reference element related stuff to separate module
User who did this - Jö Fahlke (joe)

Attached is the result of running the tests in the baseline.

For the test on the branch, I'm using the following versions:

dune-common/branches/develop-r6501-introduce-dune-geometry at 6525
dune-geometry/trunk at 19
dune-grid/branches/develop-r7678-introduce-dune-geometry at 7738
dune-grid-howto/trunk at 362
dune-grid-dev-howto/trunk at 97
dune-localfunctions/branches/develop-r1006-introduce-dune-geometry at 1026
dune-istl/trunk at 1504
dune-pdelab/trunk at 1666
dune-pdelab-howto/trunk at 491

These have all the patches for baseline test merged (that is, trunk at 7729 and
trunk at 7723 have *not* been merged for dune-grid).


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