[Dune] Difference betweendune/geometry/genericgeometry/referenceelements.hh anddune/geometry/referenceelements.hh ???

Dedner, Andreas A.S.Dedner at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 22:25:30 CET 2011

No - include dune/geometry/referenceelements.hh
If you look into the old files (e.g. dune/grid/common/genericreferenceelements.hh)
the correct new file should be mentioned there.


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Hello Martin,

thanks, in fact we are adapting our codes to the new situation,
thus we need to be sure on what is to be done, since the change with the 
new dune geometry module took us somewhat by surprise.

Of course, there was discussion on the mailing list, but with mainly physical problems
in mind we were a bit distracted.

Thus, we include dune/geometry/genericgeometry/referenceelements.hh
and all is well ?

Greetings, Benedikt

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Hi Benedikt,

a simple answer would be: The file 
'dune/geometry/genericgeometry/referenceelements.hh' is private to the 
GenericGeometry implementation.

A hint to the long answer is that 'dune/geometry/referenceelements.hh' mimicks 
the interface for a DUNE reference element as was originally provided in DUNE 
(before the inclusion of the generic geometries).

Is there any specific reason for the question or are you just curious?



On 11/15/2011 04:30 PM, Benedikt Oswald wrote:
> Hello Dune, what is the difference between
> dune/geometry/genericgeometry/referenceelements.hh
> and
> dune/geometry/referenceelements.hh ???
> Thanks for a hint! Greetings, Benedikt
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