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The following task has a new comment added:

FS#980 - checkindexset.cc is to restrictive
User who did this - Carsten Gräser (Carsten)

So we have two questions now:

(1) Should we allow different geometry maps for the same codim c entity (0<c<dim) (A) or not (B).
(2) Should we allow different subentity embedding for elements and reference elements (A) or not (B).

* The grid paper says (1B) but nothing about (2).
* The tests check for (2B) and does not consider (1B).
* ALUGrid implements (1A)+(2B).
* It's hard (or even impossible) to implement (1B)+(2B). So this combination is out of the game.
* Both, (1A) and (2A), are confusing to users and might leed to subtle error if he's not aware of.
* Without (2B) the subEntity embedding is only available by comparing global vertex indices. (See FS#818).
* (2B) will imply (1A) and thus require the permutation of edge vertices in the entity wrapper.

The grid paper it seems to be (B)

The question if the  should be answered by 'no' in case of (B) since 

only arises in case of (A). 

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