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The following task has a new comment added:

FS#981 - git support for dunecontrol
User who did this - Sven Marnach (sven)

A few remarks from my part:

1. The old git-svn support wasn't written by me, as suggested above. :)

2. The old code was only meant to support the use case that a central SVN repository is checked out using git-svn.  Unfortunately it broke native git repositories in several ways.  So the old code wasn't git support -- it was git-svn support making the use of native git quite uncomfortable.

3. As far as I'm aware, git *never* silently reverted all local changes when switching branches -- at least this wasn't what I was referring to in #FS479.  And the reflog wouldn't help me to recover an overwritten .git/info/exclude.

4. I consider an automatic "git pull" for native git repositories harmful.  I, for one, usually do not want to merge.  Maybe it is an option to just "git fetch" to update the remote branches and let the user decide whether to merge, rebase, cherry-pick or whatever, but this would make the semnatics of "duncontrol update" very strange because it did essentially different things for different VCSs.

There doesn't seem to be a satisfactory "one size fits all" solution, so let the user decide:

I propose to introduce a per-module "dune-update-hook" script.  If such a hook is found in the module directory, it is execduted and no further action taken.  If not, and dunecontrol detects svn or cvs, the current behaviour is retained.  The proposed patch for git could then just be shipped as an example "dune-update-hook" for git, and everyone can easily customise it to one's needs.

More information can be found at the following URL:

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