[Dune] Problems using VTK cell data with Dune IndexSet

Sascha Zelzer s.zelzer at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Thu Dec 27 13:47:18 CET 2012

Hi List,

I have VTK unstructured grid files as inputs for a FEM simulation. Using 
the Dune GridFactory (templated with Dune::ALUSimplexGrid<3,3>) I am 
able to translate the VTK grid into a Dune grid. However, I need to be 
able to associate the grid entities (tetrahedra) with their original VTK 
cell data and am having hard times to achieve that. The indices returned by


are differently ordered compared to their insertion order with the grid 
factory (maybe due to load balancing when creating the grid?) and I 
cannot find a way to create a mapping of the index set values into the 
original VTK cell ids (and their respective cell data).

Did I miss something? Does anybody have a nice solution for that? If 
there is a solution and people are interested in such a conversion class 
(VTK -> Dune Grid) I would be happy to share it.

Many thanks,


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