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FS#1000 - Migrate build system from autotools to CMake
User who did this - Sascha Zelzer (sascha)

As an external user of Dune, I wanted to add to the discussion that I would hugely welcome a CMake build system. Although my opinion is certainly biased (I am the main developer and maintainer of the CMake build system of our medical imaging toolkit (MITK) ), I see the main advantage in CMake's cross-platform ability and generation of native project files (make files, VS solution files, XCode project files, etc.). And it would make my job much easier to integrate DUNE in MITK (but that is obviously not a reason for DUNE to use CMake ;-) ).

Of course CMake also has it's quirks - as any other build system I know. But IMHO, if the CMake build system is done in a way such that it only exposes the most important build options to beginners (using the CMake GUI to configure the project), the initial adoption barrier for DUNE could be lowered. After reading about dunecontrol and familiarising myself with it, I found it nice to work with but it was still yet another tool to learn. CMake on the other hand is adopted by many projects and keeps gaining users.

If the DUNE CMake build system reaches a non-experimental status, I would be pleased to test it and give feedback, if you are interested.

Thanks for the efforts you are putting into the CMake discussion/investigation.

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