[Dune] [#1000] Migrate build system from autotools to CMake

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FS#1000 - Migrate build system from autotools to CMake
User who did this - Christian Engwer (christi)

Well, as I stated earlier, I don't doubt the benefits of cmake. I'm not a cmake expert and I don't have the time to maintaine yet another buildsystem.

For dune-control it is only a small tool used to bundle the different packages. If this works out of the box with cmake... nice. But it is by no means necessary to build dune. You can always use the classic "configure/make" commands.

For me this whole discussion stands and falls with people willing to do the work. If so many people are interested in a cmake based buildsystem and so many people have so good experice with cmake and cmake so esay to use, then why don't anybody of these people stand up and offer Christoph their assistance?

Bringing more pros of cmake into the discussion will not help at all, because we still lack the configuration for Dune. Thus I ask this silent majority of users to help porting dune from automake to cmake or live happily everafter with the current buildsystem.


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