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FS#661 - Use Python to evaluate function strings
User who did this - Carsten Gräser (Carsten)

Indeed the python interface in dune-fufem is much more mature now. It allows to use python inside of C++ in a very simple and flexible ways. This is achieved by hiding all the technical details of the python api (including e.g. manual reference counting) from the user.

In fact it does only cover a small part of the python api. However it should be enough to do most you ever want to do with in. It does e.g. cover
* execution of python statements from strings, streams, files
* evaluation of expressions
* import and creation of modules
* easy access to module members (functions,classes, objects)
* calling constructors and functions
* extendable conversion between python and C++ types
The only dune specific stuff are conversions for dune types and wrapper for python callables as Dune::VirtualFunction.

Attached you can find the header containing the code and a c++ program and a python module demonstrating its use.


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