[Dune] ALUCubeGrid, ALUSimplex, ALUConformGrid --> ALUGrid.

Robert Kloefkorn robertk at mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue May 15 18:12:57 CEST 2012

Hello Dune,

the classes ALUCubeGrid, ALUSimplex, and ALUConformGrid have been marked 

The replacement is a class called ALUGrid with template parameters 
specifying one of the above old types.

Available are:

    \li Available Implementations

   - quadrilateral and hexahedral elements only nonconforming refinement
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 2, 2, cube, nonconforming >
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 2, 3, cube, nonconforming >
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 3, 3, cube, nonconforming >

   - simplicial elements and nonconforming refinement
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 2, 2, simplex, nonconforming >
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 2, 3, simplex, nonconforming >
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 3, 3, simplex, nonconforming >

   - simplicial elements and bisection refinement
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 2, 2, simplex, conforming >
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 2, 3, simplex, conforming >
     - Dune::ALUGrid< 3, 3, simplex, conforming > (work in progress)

ALUSimplexGrid< 3 , 3 > is replaced by
ALUGrid< 3, 3, simplex, nonconforming >.

The code behaves the same way except for template specializations.
People using the DGF grid selection will not have to change anything.

Furthermore, a fifth template parameter specifies the communication 
(i.e. No_Comm or MPI_Comm which defaults to MPI_Comm if MPI is available).

The new class name is much more convenient for template specialization 
and maintenance.

If you have specialized own code, for example, for ALUSimplexGrid, the 
new way is to include the forward declaration of ALUGrid from
to have the element type and refinement type available and then 
specialize for ALUGrid, as for example, shown in the ALUGrid GridFactory 
of the DFGParser.

The old classes will be removed in the near future to avoid maintenance 



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