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FS#1100 - dunecontrol breaks if there is an additional installation at ../..
User who did this - Christian Engwer (christi)

I do see two options:

a) ask pkg-config for the prefix of an installed module
   if $prefix == $path; then module_inst="yes"; fi
b) try a less strict path matching e.g. $path/../../*/pkgconfig/${name}.pc

The problem with (a) is that it requires the user to have the modules in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH, although this will usually be no problem... the local installation path is automatically appended, the "strange" multi-arch path is part of the system-wide PKG_CONFIG_PATH.

The problem with (b) is that might break if multiple architectures are actually installed, e.g. we install dune for i386 but want to compile if for amd64.

I'd prefer solution (a). We might consider adding some magic to guess the right PKG_CONFIG_PATH for multi-arch systems (which are rare), but it is not necessary. In case of a "non-standard" path, the user must add it manually anyhow, because configure will fail to find the library.

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