[Dune] [#1102] Move virtual refinement from dune-grid to dune-geometry

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Wed May 30 01:05:57 CEST 2012


The following task has a new comment added:

FS#1102 - Move virtual refinement from dune-grid to dune-geometry
User who did this - Jö Fahlke (joe)

Indeed, if this is needed, it seems to be most elegant to provide those methods through a geometry-like interface.  I suppose we should switch to MockGeometry then -- or reconsider whether we want to move the refinement stuff to dune-geometry.

Deprecating the Dune::Geometry aspects of the geometries but leave the MockGeometry aspects usable seems quite tricky.  Basically we would need to detect whether someone is trying to specialize for Dune::Geometry with one of the Refinements as the grid, or if someone is using the griddim or wolddim member constants (or whatever their name is exactly).

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