[Dune] Installation / could not find required module dune-common

Florian Vogelbacher vofloria at ethz.ch
Tue Mar 4 13:22:20 CET 2014

Dear DUNE,

I am currently setting up DUNE on a linux Debian 7.4 64bit box based on
the latest dune git repositories. The configuration of dune using

>> ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --opts=../hades/optsfiles/fv.opts all

fails with

checking SuperLU... no
checking for SuperLUDist library... /usr/local/SRC
checking superlu_ddefs.h usability... yes
checking superlu_ddefs.h presence... yes
checking for superlu_ddefs.h... yes
checking for pdgssvx in -lsuperlu-mpi... no
configure: WARNING: libsuperlu-mpi not found
checking static SuperLUDist library superlu_mpi.a in "/usr/local/"... failed
checking SuperLUDist in /usr/local... failed
checking for the pthreads library -lpthreads... no
checking whether pthreads work without any flags... yes
checking for joinable pthread attribute... PTHREAD_CREATE_JOINABLE
checking if more special flags are required for pthreads... no
checking for cc_r... mpicc
checking for boostlib >= 1.20.0... yes
checking whether the Boost::FUSION library is available... yes
configure: error: could not find required module dune-common
--- Failed to build dune-istl ---

Attached you find the dune-istl/config.log which has some error lines in
it- but they seem to me unrelated and ok (?).

Thank you for any ideas where I could have a look next,

Best regards,

	gcc (GCC) 4.8.1
	openmpi 1.6.5
	alugrid 1.96
	superludist 3.3
	metis 5.1.0
	parmetis 4.0.3
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