[Dune] Dune-grid-how-to finitevolume.cc example

Christoph Grüninger christoph.grueninger at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Feb 5 11:36:37 CET 2015

Hi Samuel,

by "transportproblem2.hh" you are referring to what file?
Please specify the Dune module (I could image grid HowTo,
PDELab, dune-FEM, and their howtos) and the file path.

> // the boundary condition b on inflow boundary
> template<int dimworld, class ct>
> double b (const Dune::FieldVector<ct,dimworld>& x, double t)
> {
>  return 0.0;
>  if (x.two_norm()<t+0.125)
>  return 1.0;
>  else
>  return 0.0;
> }
> Can someone explain what is "t" here and what this boundary 
>condition represents physically speaking ?

I guess it is the time and the part where it is infiltrating
changes over the time. Probably it is an example for
time-dependent boundary conditions.


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