[Dune] [GSoC20015] Not enough projects and mentors

Christoph Grüninger christoph.grueninger at iws.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Feb 13 08:44:19 CET 2015

Hi Dune,
we have one week left to prepare our GSoC application. I'll be on
vacation beginning next Thuesday. Thus, I'll have to prepare the
application this weekend.

But until now we have only three mentors (Oliver, Aleksejs, myself) and
only three projects (IB for CurvilinearGrid, p4est, CMake super build).
If we don't get at least one more mentor and one more project until
tonight, I propose to skip GSoc 2015 and try with ESA again. The latter
is smaller, less crowded and we only get one student.


GDB does hate your application, expresses its contempt through the
design of its command-line interface.   -- Tom Tromey, FOSDEM 2014

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