[Dune] GridCheck needs edits

Jö Fahlke jorrit at jorrit.de
Fri Feb 27 10:37:22 CET 2015

Am Thu, 26. Feb 2015, 18:01:03 +0100 schrieb Aleksejs Fomins:
> I am unhappy :(
> Gridcheck performs the test
> geom.local(geom.global(1 1 1))
> which is impossible to pass using curvilinear geometry because Lagrange Polynomials are not bijective outside of the element.
> I need your support to edit the gridcheck.cc if you want the CurvilinearGeometry to pass it...

I guess we could use refelem.center(0) as the test-coordinate instead of (1,
1, 1).  That should definitely be inside, and should cover all corner-cases at
least as good as the coordinate we're currently using (read: nearly non of
them).  Except that it does not test outside the element, of course.

Has anyone objections to that?


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